Saturday, April 10, 2010


Went to Vaughan Mills today with friends and family. I was especially excited to go back to Holt Renfrew Last Call but there was not much there that interested me. . . that is until we were about to leave.

SPOTTED. Bowl of cosmetics. Becca cosmetics. Additional 80% off last ticketed price. Wait, what???? So an additional 80% off already reduced prices? OH-MA-ZING!

I only got two things, but looking back, I should've let myself go crazy and bought more things and backups. The first time I went there I sorted through all their dual-sided concealers until I found the best colour matchup for my undereye circles. So, I got the Becca Compact Concealer in the colour Butter-Scoth (great colour selection by the way). Now hear this: regularly priced at $40, was on sale for $14.80, paid only $2.96 plus tax!

That was the first trip over there. My friend picked up a concealer as well. After a while, we went back because we heard that they had other bins containing more Becca stuff. We were able to find eye tints, eye shadows, brow powders, cream blushes, loose powder, stick foundation and tinted moisturizers. The friend picked up an additional brow powder and stick foundation. I was eying the tinted moisturizers but they looked too light or dark for my skin tone.
After wandering the mall, I convinced my friend to go back with me to test out the TM to see if it would match my skin tone and it matched pretty well! Since it was lighter coverage, it blended superbly. I got the Luminous Skin Colour Sheer Makeup in Sand. Original price $44, on sale for $18, got it for #3.60 plus tax.

This things were cheaper than drugstore makeup and such high quality. Wish I'd picked up backups. If any of you have a chance to go to Vaughan Mills, check it out. It's a great, huge mall. And even if Becca is no longer sold at Holt Renfrew Last Call, you can still find great deals on clothes, shoes and accessories!

Review coming up after I get a chance to test it out further.

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