Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Productrater's Awesome Giveaway!

Hey guys!

I've been subscribed to a fellow canadian for I think just over a month now.
She does really great reviews and if you love nail polish like I do, you'll love all the hauls and swatches of polish she does!

In fact, she's having an awesome giveaway now. It ends July 21st so hurry up before it ends!
Here's the link: http://productrater.blogspot.com/2010/06/productraters-100-follower-giveaway.html#comments

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Products I've Hit Pan

So this isn't going to be one of those Project 10 pan videos, I don't think I would be able to do it

However, I'll show you the products I've either finished or the pan is visible.
The products shown here are: Physician Formula's Talc-Free Face Powder in Buff Beige, Joe Fresh Lipgloss in Sheer pink, Clinique all over colour in peony, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Amber (you guys know how much i love this!) and Clinique long last glosswear in air kiss.
As you can see, i don't how many products that are on the verge of being finished. I have a problem. I can't identify ONE eye product that I could've put in this post! It's crazy. I've finished mascaras before, such as Rimmel Sexy Curves and L'oreal Voluminous but I don't think those count.

I don't know of the quality of these pictures. I took them with my new phone: LG New Chocolate because my sister took the camera I use on a trip. The phone has 5mp, so it should do the job.

Also, a couple of days ago i found a store in Pacific Mall selling the Alice in Wonderland Collection still by OPI. I was so excited but unfortunately they didn't have Mad As a Hatter. I did however pick up Alice in Wonderland. GORGEOUS blue sparkly colour but it's going to be a pain to remove. The price was good to, $8.50 CAD with tax included.
That's all for now! Have a good weekend. Exam week is coming up and it's killing me.
So excited for summer you have no idea!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Mac Warehouse Sale 2010

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delayed posting of my (mini) haul from the Mac Warehouse Sale. Before I begin I just want to tell you all about my first experience there.If this bores you, feel free to skip ahead. So I went with my good friend on Sunday, June 6th and arrived at 7:50 even though it starts at 9am. It was raining that day but we're lucky because they let us wait inside. There were already about 50 people there. An hour later, they let our whole group in. There are three large rooms in there each filled with Mac goodies and other brands owned by Estee Lauder such as Clinique, Origins. I just focused on Mac. Overall, we spend around 2 hours there since there was hardly any line ups at all. Advice: just arrive early and bring paper and pen to write down the things you want.

There were three items that I regret not buying. First is the Eversun blush from the Style warriors collection which I instead picked up Blossoming Blushcreme. Second is the DKNY Be Delicious perfume. It was only $35 for the 50mL but it just wasn't my top priority. Third is the Mac Fix+ Rose. I'm also upset I didn't see the Mac Face and Body Foundation which I heard was there for only $10, originally close to $40.

Anyways, for the things that I did purchase was not that much. I'm overall happy about it since I saved a lot of money. By the way, sorry for the sucky pictures, lighting was not good.

Here's my collective purchases minus one since I sold my Sweet William Blush Creme to my friend.
Now my individual items:
Select Cover-up Concealer in NW25 (hopefully this is the right colour) for $7, regularly $20
Probably the best deal of the day other than the Charity Pack. Devoted Poppy: 6: Classic Eyes from the 2008 Holiday Collection? Love the jeweled packaging! On special buy 1 get 1 free for $15, so my friend and I bought one. Paid $7.50, originally $44 (?)
These two lipglasses cam in the Charity Pack. All money goes to Breast Cancer research. 4 full sized items for $5. Lipglass in Pret a papier, nice dark burgundy red and Lustreglass in LustreWhite, shimmery clear gloss.
Ohhh crappy photo. Two lipsticks both Lustre finishes for buy 1 get 1 free for $15. Left in Made with Love, right in A Rose Romance (pretty pink).
Brill eyeshadow, satin finish. Came in charity bag. Silvery blue colour.

Gorgeous pigment (in old packaging hurrah!) in Jardin Aires. Shimmery coppery champagne. Messy but oh so many uses. Paid $9, originally $23.
Cremeblush in Blossoming. Paid $12, originally $23 (?). Don't know if I should keep it, some people say this blush is glittery. Haven't used it yet.
Brow pencil came in Charity Pack. Colour in Taupe, universal colour.

So that's my haul! Hope you enjoyed. I'm going to have fun with these products for a while.
Talk to you later

Monday, June 7, 2010

eleventh0fapril 50 follower contest!

Hi y'all

My makeup buddy eleventh0fapril is holding a contest!
The link to it is here: http://eleventh0fapril.blogspot.com/2010/06/50-followers-giveaway.html#comments
Follow her! She's great!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just came back. . .

from the Mac Warehouse Sale!
It was amazing! My friend and I got there really early so there was barely any line at all. I picked up a few things, but not as much as some other people I know did (eleventh0fapril)!
I'll post a haul when I find time to take the pictures.

If you guys have a chance to go, seriously, go! The sales are awesome!

The only thing that I regret was buying Blossoming Blush Creme because the free gift was Sweet William blush creme. They're so similar in colour. I think I'm going to post Sweet William for swap on Makupalley.

Talk to you later!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is going to be really short.

But you must watch this!!!

Happiness!!!!      ---Click here---

MIA + Mac Warehouse!

Remember me? I know, right? I think it's been over a good two weeks.
I have a lame "excuse". School. Stupid school.
Anyway, all my culminating and papers are for the most part, over and done with. Next is finals! Yippee!

But. . .I've got some pretty exciting news! My friend, "thank you", hooked me up with Mac Warehouse Tickets! Unfortunately, she was unable to go so I gave one of my besties the other ticket and we're going tomorrow. I hope we'll score some good deals there.
Haul will be coming up shortly.
Specifically, I'm going to be looking for brushes, any veluxe pearl eyeshadows (favourite finish!), grand entrance eyeshadow, a pink lipstick (similar to Viva Glam Gaga), the Skin Refined Zone pore minimizer, MSF Natural, Face + Body Foundation, and a Clinique Eye makeup remover.

May Favourites

Here's my May Favourites! Sorry there's a delay. It's been hectic at school right now. I'm going to be using stock pictures today just cuz I'm lazy :P

First up: LONGCHAMP! woop. i've been using it ever since I got it a few months ago. SO versatile and easy to use. goes with everything. i ordered mine online from magnums.net. they are a legit seller and have great, fast shipping! Also, if it's your first purchase there, you can sign up for their newsletter and get $10 off your first purchase!

I own both the Physician's Formula loose and pressed mineral powder. But, even though the loose powder is harder to work with, it gives me a better, less cakey finish. It lets my skin breathe which I'm all for. It's one of the more expensive brands, but I believe that their quality is better. I use it with my Posh Flat Top Brush.
(Don't use the brush that goes with it, it's so itchy and rough!)
Oh my god! That's so cool. I looked up on google images for a stock photo of the Posh Flat Top and the first result was a picture I used in my earlier post! Haha, I guess I'll have to use that one then. (It's the second from the left)
Another favourite is my Benefit Hoola bronzer. It's getting hot where I live and this bronzer is really nice to give colour to the face. It may look muddy in the box, but with a light hand: flawless!

My steady companion and favourite is the Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer. Really nice drugstore alternative for a under eye concealer. I got it a shade lighter so that it would brighten up my tired circles from lack of sleep.
The two neutral eyeshadow looks I've been wearing a lot is my Cover Girl Shimmering Sands and the Clinique Duo in Seashell Pink and Fawn satin.Foolproof
Overall, this month I have not been wearing much makeup. In fact, for the majority of the time, I've gone bare.
As well, I've been thinking, one thing I have not really posted on my blog yet is a real review. I'm not sure where to begin. So if you guys have any suggestion, that would really help me out.

Talk to you later!

I should really do a review of something.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check her out!

Hey guys,

I've been following this gal for a while now. She's great. Right now, she's also holding a contest so follow her!