Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deal of the Day #2

The other day I was reading up on Shoppers Drug Mart Flyers and so that the perfume that I wanted, Ralph by Ralph Lauren was on sale for $19.99 CAD (30 mL)

So the next day, I hurried there only to have been confronted by many other perfumes: Calvin Klein, Alfred Sung, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Arden, Ralph Lauren, Paris Hilton, etc. for the same price but many of the others were 100 or 125mL. I was debating so long on whether to buy the perfume I was originally coming for or taking a chance on an unknown perfume with over 3x the product.

Guess which one I ended up choosing?

I went with Britney Spears' Curious perfume. If you knew me personally, you'd know that I don't like Britney Spears nor ever thought of buying one of her perfumes but I guess you could say I was "Curious". Haha, me so hilarious. They had no tester at the store so it really was a gamble. Well, I tried it and I'm okay with it. My sister told me that the Ralph perfume started to smell stinky after a while, so I refrained from buying that.

Overall, I'm happy with my decision. It was a really great deal after all. Check out your local Shoppers if you're interested and see what they have in stock before it's too late!

An exhilarating white floral accented with Louisiana Magnolia and wrapped in the sensuality of vanilla-infused musk.

CONTEMPLATION...louisiana Magnolia Golden Anjou Pear Water Lotus

THRILL... Early Morning Tuberose Star Jasmine Pink Cyclamen

SATISFACTION...Vanilla-Infused Musk Blonde woods Sandalwood Azure blue atomizer lends a timeless, feminine touch.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nails Of The Day

I decided to post pictures once I changed my nail colour(s). So today's the day.
I've taken pictures of my previous nail polish combo and the present combo and colours.

On a side note, I've tried many lipbalms in the past, but none with I feel the most satisfied as with Carmex, specifically the Cherry Flavoured one. It feels great, doesn't smell too good, is cheap, minty and has SPF 15: perfect for upcoming Summer season. (Not saying that there ISN'T UV rays during the winter as well) *Bonus, it's also comparatively cheap at $2.79 CAD.

Back to nails, here they are:
Previous nail colours, now removed with polish (no duh!)

 The colour used for 8/10 of the nails.

 The glitter used for 2/10.
(Sorry I forgot to take pictures of my hand)
Now for today's colours:

OPI's Barefoot in Barecelona, hard to see, but a mauve, purple-tinted, muddy matte colour. (Lots of adjectives used!)

Glitter polish in Sparked by Wet n' Wild, really pretty with just two coats, only $2.

 All time favourite top cote by Seche Vite. Expensive, but so worth it. Makes nails feel so smooth and dries them so fast, reduces chances of accidentally nicking nails (hate it).

Additional pictures:
Overview of all nail polishes used on two separate occasions.
Horribly taken pictures of upclose of what it looks like on my fingers, glitter was used on the ring finger of both hands. Sorry about my fingers, I have eczema on them, so the skin there has turned rough, I know gross, but soooooo itchy!

That's all for today, hope you guys enjoyed!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flaws and All

So today I think I'm going to start out by talking about flaws. Honest truth. Blogger to bloggee (or blogger if you're one too).

I'm not sure if you guys noticed but I made a mini not quite survey but just a little question on what your favourite feature of your face is. The possibilities that I put are limited but if you decide to vote on it, choose the answer that is the most accurate. If this becomes successful, I might change it up once in a while, kind of the like a question of the week.

If I could choose, my best feature would be my face, or complexion. Of course, it's still farrrrrrrrrrrrrr from perfect, but I'm happy with it. My face is clear from most kinds of acne. I tend to be the type of gal that just gets these huge (gross), pus filled pimple (double gross) on random places on my face, usually one at a time. Unfortunately, though, they are so obvious and often hurt. Other than that, I also have past acne scarring, freckles, black heads, and dry flaky patches. Sounds gross, right? It's strange that what I would think is one of my best features is still filled with imperfections. Kind of depressing.

But, the point of this post was not bore readers of the epidermal layers of my face. I think we should embrace it. It kind of reminded me of that Beyonce song, "Flaws and All". Oh, by the way, it's a beautiful song, you should listen to it. This sounds cheesy, and I don't like cheese, but when I'm having a bad day, I like to remind myself of how lucky I am. To be both physically and mentally happy. It kind of perks me up. Besides, what is makeup for anyway?

Tip: For my personal spot treatment of acne, I use Clindoxyl Gel. It really works for me and helps to dry out my pimple quickly. If you guys have troubles with acne too, ask your doctor or dermatologist about it. But be careful, I know that some people have allergic reactions to Clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide (the active ingredients in this gel). So, try it on a little patch before using it on your whole face.

On a side note: Another little obsession at the moment is the Lorraine Stanick's nails. ( I don't think it was originally her idea, but basically it's where you colour all your nails a certain colour and leave 1 nail on each hand to be glitterfied with an intense glitter nail polish. It's odd but cute and quirky. Right now I'm wearing Essie's Infatuation and my glitter is Nicole by Opi's Winter wonderland.
My nails are starting to chip, but when I redo them, I'll take pictures.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Randomosity FTW

It's been a hectic past couple of days with a lot of lack of sleep which has led to the reason of my naked (sans maquillage) face. It made me realize today that maybe it's a good idea to skip wearing makeup every so often. Let our skin breathe? I don't know. All I know is that I don't want to depend on makeup, no matter how much I love it. I want to feel confident, or at least satisfied, without it. So, I think from now on I'm going to take a "rest" day every so often. And be happy with what God gave me.

Also, just to let you guys know, there is a 15% off your whole purchase online (US ONLY) and in store at Sephora from April 12-19. All you have to do is become a Beauty Insider which is completely free, or "no purchase necessary" to join. I'm debating on whether I should pick up some stuff or not. However, there is a coupon necessary that needs to be presented at time of purchase.

Mini Review:Longchamp
My longchamp bag is just awesome! So completely perfect as an everyday tote. The fabric (nylon) is so light and the bag's capacity is endless. I have not had any problems with the inside pocket yet, but I do prefer to keep the leather flap open as it is an annoyance to have to pop it open everytime. If anyone is needing a light, sturdy, stylish, roomy everyday bag, get this! I know that some people use it as a school bag as well.

Possible future blogposts:
What's in my purse
Flaws and all

Lots of tidbits to talk about so to finish it off,
I'll leave you guys with a random question: Where's Foxy the pimp?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 2010 Makeup Collection

Today's going to be a makeup collection.
I've only just begun collecting so I only just have the basics.
But enough chatting, let's just get to it.

First, are pictures that give an overall view of the drawers I store them in, which I forgot where I bought it, but any Walmart will do, it was probably under $10.

This is my brushes and tools drawer.

My face drawer including powders, foundations, concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighters.

My eye drawer including eyeshadows, palettes, liners, mascaras, bases.

My lip drawer including lip glosses, lip balms, lipsticks and lip liners.

Now, I will go more in depth and list the brand and name of the product.
Starting with the brushes and tools drawer. . .FACE BRUSHES

L-R Ecotools Kabuki, Posh Flat Top Mineral Brush, Ecotools blush brush, Annabelle blush brush, Ecotools powder brush, Ecotools Retractable kabuki


L-R Shieseido eyelash curler, Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow brush, Elizabeth Arden eyeliner brush, Posh dual-ended eyeshadow brush, Ecotools concealer brush, Ecotools eye blending brush, unknown brand eyeshadow brush, Ecotools eyeliner brush, unknown art brush, unknown art brush, Elizabeth Arden lash comb


Top row L-R: Estee Lauder finishing powder, Physician's Formula Perfecting Mineral Concentrate (sucks)
Bottom row L-R: Shiseido powder, Becca Sheer Colour Make up, Physician's Formula mineral loose powder, Physician's formula mineral face powder, Maybelline Mineral Power concealer, Becca compact concealer


Top row L-R: NYC matte bronzer, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Elizabeth Arden cream to powder blush, Fasio Blush, Benefit High Beam, Tony&Tina herbal powder blush,
Bottom row L-R: Urban Decay powder blush, Clinique all over colour, MAC MSF, Profound 3 color blush


Top row L-R: Urban Decay Get Baked, Too Faced Naughty and Nice
Mid row L-R: Kimchi Blue Eye palette, Cover Girl dazzling metallics, Estee Lauder compact disc eyeshadow
Bottom row L-R: Lancome maquiriche, Estee lauder quad


Top row L-R: Stila Kitten, Caboodles eye love you
Mid row L-R: Milani Leaf green, Urban Decay midnight cowboy rides again (glitterball!), Urban Decay secret service, Annabelle #225
Bottom row L-r: Clinique south beach, Clinique sugar sugar


Top row L-R: Mac paint, Nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils in iced mocha, french fries, cottage cheese and milk
Last row L-R: depotted Urban decay primer potion, sample Urban Decay sin primer potion, Benefit gilded pencil


Top row L-r: Clinique cream liner, Gosh art liner, Urban Decay midnight cowboy glitter liner, Urban Decay metal head liner, NYC liquid liner
Bottom row L-r: Shiseido perfect mascara sample, Rimmel sexy curves, Maybelline define-a-lash volume, Rimmel style and shine, Rialto slate liner, Orlane black liner, Rimmel purple liner


L-R: Burts Bees lip shimmer, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada lip balm, Ballmania lip balm, Oiseau (from Anthropologie=love) lip balm, Nature's Gate lip balm, McBlooms lip balm (from Chapters Indigo)


Top row L-r: Aerie kiss soft gloss, Benefit California kissin, Beauty rush lip gloss, Sephora lip gloss, Sephora lip gloss, Clinique long last glosswear sample, liquid Lip Smacker
Bottom row L-r: 3 flirt plushious liquid velvet lipcolour, Joe Fresh lip gloss, Marcelle lux gloss, Bare Escentuals buxom lip gloss in Amber (alltime fave!), Stila kitten lipglaze


L-r: Natura lipstick, Revlon super lustrous lip stick in just enough buff (no pigmentation), Quo stay put lip colour, Red Earth Lip wonder pencil, Estee lauder lip defining pencil

BACKUP STORAGE AND PACKAGING (is that weird, i love to keep makeup packaging?)

UNOPENED MAKEUP (waiting until other stuff is used up)

L-r: Carmex cherry lip balm (the best), Maybelline FullnSoft mascara, Benefit Badgal brown mascara, Physician's Formula duo mascara, Bare Escentuals buxom lip gloss, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (heard good reviews)

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY i'm done! That took over 2 hours to post.
Hope you guys enjoy. If you have any questions or want further details, let me know in the comments below.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Went to Vaughan Mills today with friends and family. I was especially excited to go back to Holt Renfrew Last Call but there was not much there that interested me. . . that is until we were about to leave.

SPOTTED. Bowl of cosmetics. Becca cosmetics. Additional 80% off last ticketed price. Wait, what???? So an additional 80% off already reduced prices? OH-MA-ZING!

I only got two things, but looking back, I should've let myself go crazy and bought more things and backups. The first time I went there I sorted through all their dual-sided concealers until I found the best colour matchup for my undereye circles. So, I got the Becca Compact Concealer in the colour Butter-Scoth (great colour selection by the way). Now hear this: regularly priced at $40, was on sale for $14.80, paid only $2.96 plus tax!

That was the first trip over there. My friend picked up a concealer as well. After a while, we went back because we heard that they had other bins containing more Becca stuff. We were able to find eye tints, eye shadows, brow powders, cream blushes, loose powder, stick foundation and tinted moisturizers. The friend picked up an additional brow powder and stick foundation. I was eying the tinted moisturizers but they looked too light or dark for my skin tone.
After wandering the mall, I convinced my friend to go back with me to test out the TM to see if it would match my skin tone and it matched pretty well! Since it was lighter coverage, it blended superbly. I got the Luminous Skin Colour Sheer Makeup in Sand. Original price $44, on sale for $18, got it for #3.60 plus tax.

This things were cheaper than drugstore makeup and such high quality. Wish I'd picked up backups. If any of you have a chance to go to Vaughan Mills, check it out. It's a great, huge mall. And even if Becca is no longer sold at Holt Renfrew Last Call, you can still find great deals on clothes, shoes and accessories!

Review coming up after I get a chance to test it out further.

Friday, April 9, 2010

March Favourites

Last month (March) I bought a couple new products to try out and I also opened some of my backup stuff as I was running out of some necessities.
March was a hell-month, so many assignments due. Which is funny, since almost half-of it was March Break, Long Weekends and PA days.

Back to the point. Gosh I'm so bad at staying on track.

My first favourite is the Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder. What a mouth full! My colour is in Buff Beige. I've almost run out of my Shiseido powder which I really like because of its soft and dewy finish, but I can buy a new one because it has been discontinued. Sucks, I know.

Next is this asian-brand blush by Fasio in the colour Orange Berry 250. It is infact orange but surprisingly it suits my skin-tone without looking crazy. This following picture is not the right picture, but it's the same line of blushes.

Every time I wear this next product, my friend tends to notice and comments that "I'm glowing". Hopefully, she meant in a natural way because I love what Benefit's High Beam does to my skin. The bottle looks like a nail polish and only the littlest amount is needed to create a radiant effect.

It's strange but never in my life have I used a mascara until it was "running" out. But, it finally happened with Rimmel's Sexy Curves and let me assure you that I was surprised and sad to see it dying :(. In mascaras, I look for volume rather than length and this mascara did it well with an added bonus of no flaking what so ever! I'm not in a hurry to buy another one though until I've finished and tried the other half a dozen in my collection.

Last of all, (I'm not going to say last but not least, I never understood that saying :/) is the Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume. I only have a sample but it just smells divine! I don't have a huge perfume or fragance collection but this would be one of the next added to my list! It's a floral sweet scent.

That's all for last month's favourites. I'll try to remember to do this each month.
I'm hoping that one of my next posts will be a picture or video, if possible, of my makeup collection. These are one my favourite things to see or read about on Youtube and Blogger.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Contest Entry for Lorraine's Everyday Makeup

Hey guys,

This is my entry for Lorraine Stannick's (TheCurrentCustom)Everyday Makeup Contest!

Note that everyday varies but this will be a general idea of the products I apply on a day to day basis.

1. Start out with moisturizing my face with Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Important step, have very dry/flaky skin)

2. Apply loose/pressed mineral powder with a flat top brush, usually Physician Formula's Talc-Free Mineral Wear

3. Optional, apply liquid highlighter to cheekbones with fingers, Benefit's Highbeam

4. Apply Urban Decay's Exhale blush to the apples, sweeping up with blush brush

5. Brush on either NYC's Sunny bronzer or Benefit's Hoola bronzer with kabuki brush (My bronzer must be matte!)

6. Wash of shimmery eyeshadow over lid (Stila's Kitten) or simple brown neutral eye using Too Faced Naughty or Nice palette

7. Black cream liner (Clinique's Brush-on liner) or black pencil liner (Orlane Black pencil) to only top lid

8. Curl lashes with Shiseido curler (Needed step!)

9. Apply mascara to usually only top lashes with Rimmel's Sexy Curves or Maybelline's Define a Lash Volume

10. Finish off with a sheer pink lipgloss, my favourite is the plumping Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in Amber

So that's my everday makeup routine! Thanks for having the contest Lorraine!

Haul #1

Hey guys,

This will be my first here on a blog. These are items that I've collected over the Easter weekend.

First, I got a chance to finally catch up with a friend on friday and spent some time with her. We went to one of the only places that are opened on Good Friday, Pacific Mall. It was sooooooooo extremely packed there and we almost/kinda/slightly witnessed a purse robbery. Exciting yeah? Oh anddd, I introduced my friend to one of the best desserts! I heard it's really popular in the states, but one of the first of its kind is at Pacific Mall called Yutopia. Normally I don't like yoghurt, milk, eggs, cheese or any of that sort but the frozen yogurt there is really delish! It tastes like ice cream but better! It's also a really great concept, sort of a help yourself style, with the old-fashioned ice cream lever. I had mango flavor. And then there was a station that you could add all the condiments you could fathom: chocolate, peanut butter, fruit, even Pocco sticks! Then they weigh it and you pay and eat.

Oh boy, kay I'm getting off track but just thinking about it makes my mouth water!
Anyways, there I bought some really cheap (and I mean really) false eyelashes. It's hard to describe, but they're basically long, not criss-cross, and thick. One pair was 50 cents and the other was a dollar! Incredible! Oh, and I just picked up some eyelash glue which funny enough, ended up costing more than the lashes combined! *shock!* (insert sarcasm). I also picked up a Tony&Tina herbal powder blush in Self-Trust, normally retailing $24 for only $3! It's an interesting purple-tinted blush, which may be why it's on sale, but it looks flattering on my skintone. As well, I have been wanting another eyeshadow brush so I spotted one for a under $3. The quality is not too impressive but it will have to do for now.

The next day I went out with another friend to Kensington Market. Nearby, was a discount MAC makeup store so I picked up a limited edition MSF in Refined for $20, normally retailing for $33.50. It's a gorgeous peachy-champagne sheen with bronze veining throughout, perfect for a light blush or all-over glow.

Finally, I picked up one of my wishlist items, the Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara. It was finally on sale at my local Shoppers for half off ($4.99). I'm not going to start using it now though, since I'm currently using 3, so it's going to my backup drawer.

*Quick update on my Longchamp. It's really great. Light (by itself) and easy to carry. The straps are the perfect length and so far have not had an issue with the large inside pocket.