Monday, April 5, 2010

Haul #1

Hey guys,

This will be my first here on a blog. These are items that I've collected over the Easter weekend.

First, I got a chance to finally catch up with a friend on friday and spent some time with her. We went to one of the only places that are opened on Good Friday, Pacific Mall. It was sooooooooo extremely packed there and we almost/kinda/slightly witnessed a purse robbery. Exciting yeah? Oh anddd, I introduced my friend to one of the best desserts! I heard it's really popular in the states, but one of the first of its kind is at Pacific Mall called Yutopia. Normally I don't like yoghurt, milk, eggs, cheese or any of that sort but the frozen yogurt there is really delish! It tastes like ice cream but better! It's also a really great concept, sort of a help yourself style, with the old-fashioned ice cream lever. I had mango flavor. And then there was a station that you could add all the condiments you could fathom: chocolate, peanut butter, fruit, even Pocco sticks! Then they weigh it and you pay and eat.

Oh boy, kay I'm getting off track but just thinking about it makes my mouth water!
Anyways, there I bought some really cheap (and I mean really) false eyelashes. It's hard to describe, but they're basically long, not criss-cross, and thick. One pair was 50 cents and the other was a dollar! Incredible! Oh, and I just picked up some eyelash glue which funny enough, ended up costing more than the lashes combined! *shock!* (insert sarcasm). I also picked up a Tony&Tina herbal powder blush in Self-Trust, normally retailing $24 for only $3! It's an interesting purple-tinted blush, which may be why it's on sale, but it looks flattering on my skintone. As well, I have been wanting another eyeshadow brush so I spotted one for a under $3. The quality is not too impressive but it will have to do for now.

The next day I went out with another friend to Kensington Market. Nearby, was a discount MAC makeup store so I picked up a limited edition MSF in Refined for $20, normally retailing for $33.50. It's a gorgeous peachy-champagne sheen with bronze veining throughout, perfect for a light blush or all-over glow.

Finally, I picked up one of my wishlist items, the Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara. It was finally on sale at my local Shoppers for half off ($4.99). I'm not going to start using it now though, since I'm currently using 3, so it's going to my backup drawer.

*Quick update on my Longchamp. It's really great. Light (by itself) and easy to carry. The straps are the perfect length and so far have not had an issue with the large inside pocket.

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