Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nails Of The Day

I decided to post pictures once I changed my nail colour(s). So today's the day.
I've taken pictures of my previous nail polish combo and the present combo and colours.

On a side note, I've tried many lipbalms in the past, but none with I feel the most satisfied as with Carmex, specifically the Cherry Flavoured one. It feels great, doesn't smell too good, is cheap, minty and has SPF 15: perfect for upcoming Summer season. (Not saying that there ISN'T UV rays during the winter as well) *Bonus, it's also comparatively cheap at $2.79 CAD.

Back to nails, here they are:
Previous nail colours, now removed with polish (no duh!)

 The colour used for 8/10 of the nails.

 The glitter used for 2/10.
(Sorry I forgot to take pictures of my hand)
Now for today's colours:

OPI's Barefoot in Barecelona, hard to see, but a mauve, purple-tinted, muddy matte colour. (Lots of adjectives used!)

Glitter polish in Sparked by Wet n' Wild, really pretty with just two coats, only $2.

 All time favourite top cote by Seche Vite. Expensive, but so worth it. Makes nails feel so smooth and dries them so fast, reduces chances of accidentally nicking nails (hate it).

Additional pictures:
Overview of all nail polishes used on two separate occasions.
Horribly taken pictures of upclose of what it looks like on my fingers, glitter was used on the ring finger of both hands. Sorry about my fingers, I have eczema on them, so the skin there has turned rough, I know gross, but soooooo itchy!

That's all for today, hope you guys enjoyed!

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