Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Discovery and Haul

For anyone that knows me, they'd say that I am obsessed with makeup.
But I have another weakness almost parallel to that of makeup. You've probably all guessed it by now: designer anything. Yes, I know, I'm such a materialistic, superficial person, but what can I do?

So the other day, I was just rummaging (again) through my mom's closet and lo and behold: goodies! I found 4 silk scarves. My mom doesn't wear them anymore so she said it was okay I could take them. There were much more, but most of them were new so I didn't want to touch them.  
My mom also has a cult-fave Hermes scarf which is gorgeous, but I don't think she'd let me wear it. I don't think I'd even let myself wear it. It's better and safer in its pretty little box. Here are the four I picked out for myself:

This is my favourite out of the four because I love the pattern and the long, rectangular shape of it.

Also, by YSL, is another, thicker material silk scarf. Probably more appropriate for winter.

A Chanel square scarf, my least favourite out of the four because the colours are very bright!

Lastly, a really classic Chanel Silk Scarf. love the rich navy blue colour and gold chain detailing. 

Originally, I was going to end my post with that but since I did a little shopping yesterday at Vaughan Mills, I'm just going to tag it to this post. 
Oh, but wait! Here are the pictures of the gladiator sandals that I mentioned in my last post.
Haha, the pattern of the shoe's beading is kind of similar to the carpet.

So, anyways, yesterday I went to Vaughan Mills specifically for the Holt Renfrew Last Call Semi-Annual Sale. Wow, that was a mouthful, or a wordful in this case??? There wasn't that much stuff that interested me but I did manage to find two items. I also stopped by Lululemon, a really great athletic/yoga store, and picked up a pair of capris on sale.
Unfortunately, I don't know the style name but I paid $30 + taxes, I think originally $54.

At Holt's, once I entered the store, I saw these shoes. I found them so interesting and unique looking and after I discovered how much they were, I had to grab them. They're by the brand United Nude (haha) and originally was $150. Guess how much I got them for? Six dollars! No biggie. These shoes are definitely odd and made out of this weird rubber, also a little big as you can tell, but for $6, it doesn't matter. (Deal of the Day #1)

The last item I picked up, I was so shocked to see at such a low price. I've never seen any store carrying this brand on sale for so little. And when I mean little, I mean less than a no-name brand. Rock&Republic black skinny jeans, with a unique fish scale print and zippers on the side. Originally $345. Bought for $28. What did she say????? That's right. I'm so excited to wear them!
Here's a picture of the price tag if you don't believe me. It was 80% off the lowest ticked price. (Deal of the Day #2).

Overall, it was a very satisfactory shopping day. It was like Christmas! Hope you enjoyed!

Oh, and question. What are the different ways to wear square scarves. Now that I've acquired two more, I want some variation. So if you guys have any ideas let me know.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mini Clothing and Makeup Haul

Today I'm feeling lazy and I have good reason: it's raining and cloudy outside today.
So, this post will not have any pictures that I took but instead I will use my trusty google-searching skills to find what I'm talking about.

First off, Rexall Pharma Plus was having a 50% off all nail polishes. I only picked up two, maybe I should have picked up more but I'm satisfied for the time being.
  Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey 270 (dupe to Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet (dupe for China Glaze's Ruby Pumps)

The Rimmel came out to being $2.50 and the Sally was $1.50 all in CAD. 
I also found a new creme blush in my mother's makeup case. I was contemplating buying one, because I love the ease of the "slap on and go". Since I found this one I can save up my money for other things. I wasn't able to find a picture but it's Estee Lauder's Natural CheekCreme in 01 Pink Kiss. Compared to my Elizabeth Arden Creme Blush, this one is much more pigmented and I have to be more careful with it or I will look like I've been b***h-slapped. 

As well, yesterday I received my order from American Apparel, which I purchased during their 30% Friends and Family Sale. I bought a jumpsuit for myself and a skirt for my sister's birthday.
This is the Chambray Jumpsuit in Black (it comes without a belt), it originally retails for $66.

Got this High-waisted Cotton Skirt in Purple (darker than in the picture), originally $36.

Lastly, I finally got a pair of Gladiator-esque sandals. They also kind of fit in with the Tribal Trend, what with the beading on it. I'll take a picture of them some other time. Got them for only $30 at Winners. 

Alert! If you're living in the Toronto, or GTA, Holt Renfrew Last Call at Vaughan Mills Mall is having a semi-annual clearance sale until Monday, May 24th. Holt Renfrew, if you're unfamiliar with it, is a designer high-end department store. If you're interested check it out as it will be ending soon.
I was originally planning to go but something has come up that I need to save my money for. When and if it is a go, I will let you guys know what I'm talking about and to stop being so mysterious about it.

Next Post: Feeling like a little kid at Christmas

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stila Kitten Dupes

Warning: Long post and picture heavy!

If you are a makeup addict like myself, then you probably have heard of the Cult-fave eyeshadow by Stila called Kitten. Ring any bells? Anyways, kitten is one of the most coveted eyeshadow colours around, but to get it comes a price. I purchased it for $23 CAD, plus an additional $3 for the eyeshadow tin. That's right you heard me. No matter how good the quality it is and how much you pay, it only comes in pan form. Kitten is the most famous shimmery pearl champagne colour, but today I'm going to show you many alternatives, some high end and some more affordable that are extremely similar to Stila's Kitten.

But first, this is what Stila's Kitten looks like with the tin.

The first dupe is a shadow by Clinique called South Beach. It is a little darker, with less shimmer than Kitten, but still pretty close. I'm not sure if it is still available but if you are able to find it, it should cost around $16 CAD. Here is what it looks like, haha notice my finger in the picture:
 Next is a high end dupe but a dupe nonetheless, at least in my opinion. It is Urban Decay's infamous Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. Known for its extreme chunky silver glitter with lots of fallout if you're not careful. But the base colour is similar to Kitten. It retails for $22 CAD with a pot. (*On a side note, Stila's eyeshadow's have a lot more product in it, so in that way, it has better value.)

Next is a colour from a palette that I talked about in one of my first posts: the eye palette by Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters. The original price for it was I think $18, but I paid $2 CAD on clearance. The dupe is called Lace and is the most similar colour to Kitten. But of course, the pigmentation of Stila is much more softer and silky but this one is definitely a good alternative:

A drugstore dupe I picked up recently was Cover Girl's Shimmering Sands. The colour on the farthest right is a shimmery pearl colour as well. Again, the pigmentation is not comparable to Stila's, but is the most affordable and attainable as you can usually pick it up, and on sale might I add, at any local drugstore. I paid $5.79 CAD on sale:

Lastly, is from a discontinued palette that you'd probably be able to find on Ebay or allcosmeticswholesale.com. It is the Too Faced Naughty and Nice Palette. Out of all the dupes, I'm most disappointed with this colour, even though this is technically a high end product, as the shadow was not very noticable as you will soon see. I paid $12.99 CAD for this at Winners:

Now that I'm done showing you all my dupes. You can decide for yourself which one is more appropriate for you. Of course, there are manyyyyyyyyyyy other options for dupes of Stila's Kitten but this is just what I have in my collection. Overall, Stila's Kitten has the highest quality and pigmentation, there IS a reason why it is a cult favourite. But if it's not in your budget, or you just can't justify spending almost $30, including pot, for it, there are many other alternatives. Here is a swatch of each shadow on my arm so you can see the comparison and quality of the shadows. The picture may alter the true colour but at least you have a better idea.
Left to right: Stilas Kitten, Clinique South Beach, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Kimchi Blue Lace, Cover Girl Shimmering Sands and Too Faced Naughty and Nice Palette (which barely shows up).

I really hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or want me to elaborate on any shadow further, let me know. As well, I'm always open to requests!

Talk to you soon!

Crushed Grapes Nails

 Howdy y'all.
Today is another Nails of The Day featuring the colour Crushed Grapes by Sally Hansen.
It's a really gorgeous, deep, almost black purple with subtle red-ish sparkles. I love it when the light hits my nails just right so that you can see the shimmer. Unfortunately, it seems that after a few days, the shimmer disappear. Is that normal or am I going crazy? No special sparkle finger today.. . but of course my nails are topped with Seche Vite Top Coat.

 Too bad the pictures can't capture the gorgeous-ness of this colour.

To end, I'm going to include a video of Taylor Momsen, from Gossip Girl, in her band The Pretty Reckless. I really dislike her attitude put she's actually a surprisingly good singer. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Potential Outfit Of The Day

Just a word of warning, I don't usually do these kinds of posts, as you may already tell but I really want to know my readers opinion of this outfit I put together.

In the photos, I'm wearing my mom's yellow jacket that I mentioned in one of my first posts (it has no brand), an unrefined amber necklace, a cream coloured tank top by Nate Organics (organic cotton FTW!), dark olivey green capris bought from Winners by the brand Buffalo Shop, and wedges bought from Winners by the brand Aerosoles.

Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Here are the close-ups of my shoes. Love, and they sort of remind of the Alexander McQueen (RIP) Queenadillos' pattern if you look at the first up close shoe picture I took. Or not, maybe I'm just crazy.
P.S. Excuse all the stuff in the background and that random obnoxious Abercrombie bag with a pair of fairy wings in it. WTH? Obviously, I'm not a very good photographer. 
A picture for reference:

Won't Be Hearing From Me Much

 Hey guys,
Sorry I've been MIA (missing in action) lately. I've had a lot of school work and procrastination to do and I don't think it will end until my school year ends altogether. Sucks.
I'll try to keep posting but if you don't hear from me much, now you know why.
This is a really brief post so I'm gonna add some songs that I've been enjoying lately.

Ke$ha- Animal
Ke$ha- Disgusting
Miley Cyrus- Can't Be Tamed
Katy Perry- California Gurls

You've all probably heard of these artists and songs but if not check them out! I really like Katy Perry in general and I'm surprisingly attached to Ke$ha's songs, although her attitude and personality kind of turns me off. Also, I've never really been a fan of Miley Cyrus but this song is just so darn catchy =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shoppers Rant

The biggest and most densely spread across drugstore in Canada is Shoppers Drug Mart. They've almost become a Starbucks in my area, one on every other block. Okay, maybe that was a little exaggerated. But the point is lately, they've updated and upgraded their facilities to make it look high end, more open and clean and Sephora-esque. Higher end cosmetics have come in along with Cosmeticians dressed in all black.

However, there's an over population of them. The Shoppers I went to today had about 5 intimidating cosmeticians which frankly, scared the crap out of me. Are so many of them necessary? They constantly ask or interrogate in my case, whether i need any help and watch my back as if I would never buy any high end cosmetic. Which I do, I just make sure I do a lot of research before hand. They make me feel dirty and cheap. But in a way, I am cheap, I love a good deal. But then again, who doesn't? Because of this, I prefer Pharma Plus because they are much nicer and warmer, besides they often also have better deals.

Another thing that bothered me is that there was this humongous rack of clearance items at the back of the store. Many marked down to $1, 3, or 5. I was so excited because there were Benefit, Smashbox and OPI items. I picked up a foundation and eyeshadow. But when I went to pay, something I thought was $1 ended up being $25. I was like no way am I paying that much for a damaged and used item. It annoyed me how they weren't organized or tricking people into thinking it was another price. A lot more than what I thought it would be, in fact.

I love drugstores but seriously, booooooo you Shoppers! Thanks for hearing me out. What are your opinions? Am I over-reacting or does this bother you too?

Haul #2

By the name of the title, you should know that this will be a recent haul of other two weeks. Mini, might I add.
Most of it will be lip products. You know what's funny/annoying? Most of the stuff I bought was not even on my want list, it was kind of like an of the moment buy. If I keep buying this way, I will never get through my want list!

So, I'll begin chronologically cause I'm organized like that (haha. . . no).
Previous readers will learn that I love Cherry Carmex, so I picked up a backup for when my other one's done. This time, it's in the tube.

Another day, might have even been the next (oops) I bought the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Life's a Peach, I think I mentioned this in a favorites? Anyways, it's a really pretty colour. Also, I bought the L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Liner (oxymoron alert, liquid and pencil at the same time??). Extremely dark and creamy, maybe too much. I only use it on the top lash line but it fades kind of quickly.

And finally today, I went to Winners (love!) and Shoppers. At Winners, I found a great deal (DEAL OF THE WEEK!) of this pack of 3 Stila Lip Glosses for only. . . . $9.99! At Sephora, each lip gloss would be $22-26 dollars. Using my extreme math skills, I figured that I saved at least 85% of retail price, or $65 dollars! See, this is my problem, I never needed it, but when I saw it, I couldn't pass it up. And they're gorgeous colours: glitter-infused, sheer pink; an almost exact dupe of my now lost Kitten lipglaze; and a liquid bronze.
Then went to Shopper to find the Cover Girl Shimmering Sands. Was on sale for $6.79 from regular $8.99 and I had a $1 off coupon so I assumed it was about time for me to buy it and stop lusting over it. What really got me was that it was the only one left.

That's all for now. Oh wait, forgot, I took a group picture of them together. It's so adorable, look!

My photog skills are killah, not. You see a book, computer, camera case and mouse in the background. FAIL. Can you spot it?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Is In The Air

Lately I've been getting extremely confused about all these different types of "favourite" posts. There are (coming off the top of my head) Monthly Favourites, In n Outs, Current Obsessions, Products I can't live without, etc.
It gets kind of overwhelming after a while.

This may become one of those posts but it will also be different as everything I talk about will have some connection to the current weather: warm, breezy summer.

Since it is not completely summer yet, I still have a chance to wear my Pure by Alfred Sung military-type picture. This is line, similar to the designer lines at Target, but for Canada available at Zellers. A more affordable, yet chic rendition of popular clothing designers. It's comfy, stylish and well-fitting.

Another thing I've been obsessing over, as my friends will well know, is attempting to darken my legs. They really look like vampish ghosts in comparison to my face and rest of my body. So, lately, I've been wearing many shorts and capris to give my legs some time with the sun. (Of course, I'll also be stylishly sporting SPF 55, my favourite is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer's, my dermatologist recommended it and it's oil-free!)

Which leads me to next item, my Cole Haan Sunglasses. The style is slightly similar to the popular Ray Ban Wayfarer's, with it's square frame and translucent tortoise shell colour. This are my first well-made designer glasses and I must admit, they feel very well made. I'm not sure of the style name, but on the rims it has the code C707 21 55 16-140. Since, it's been so sunny lately, sunglasses are a must. I purchases these at my local beloved Winners', which in the USA, is similar to TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Lately, Winners' have been sporting more and more designer goods for reduced prices, they even have a Runway line which makes me giddy just thinking about it. It is my ultimate fantasy: high-end clothes, shoes, bags and makeup for a fraction of the price!

This will lead me to my next shopping trip I soon get to have. I "need" to go to Winners soon to pick up some new shorts or capris. And who knows what else I'll find as well?

Before I end, I want to try adding a youtube link of some of one of my favourite videos on youtube (non-beauty related). Cross fingers this works: