Saturday, July 24, 2010

Collective June/July Clothing Haul 2010

Here's the second part to my haul: the clothing/shoes portion

One thing I forgot to include were pictures of some new turquoise jewelery pieces I got from my mom. I'm really into turquoise these days, such a beautiful colour.

This was a tank top that I spotted in Winners for $14.99. I love the floral print, it's also really light and comfortable to wear on those hot summer days.

A nice straw hat I found in my mom's closet. 

I almost dropped dead when I found this. I was on the hunt for a feminine romper and I found this one at Winners. It was originally $16.99 but one of the straps were falling off so I got it for $12.99 which is a bargain for such a beautiful piece of clothing. It's so comfy: like wearing PJ's.
A pair of basic high waisted jean shorts from Urban Outfitters. Reduced to $10 from $54.
A purplish-grey skirt also from Urban Outfitters. ALSO reduced to $10 from $54. Love the side detailing.

Basic peachy pink skirt from Zara. Goes to the knees but nice to be pulled up to the waist with a shirt tucked in. $10.

I don't know if I talked my relationship with second hand stores, specifically Goodwill. If you have the patience and know what to look out for, sometimes you can score some really good deals. I went on a day where the whole store was 50%, which was a bonus! This time, I found two items:

This is a BCBG Maxazria black velvet jacket. Fits really nice and it is silk-lined. Something from this line would normally retail over $100. I got it for $2.25, since it was originally $5.49 minus the 50% off. OH another thing I forgot to mention is that there are no taxes at Goodwill!!!

The other thing I purchased were these really unusual pairs of shoes. I don't know the brand but they were brand new and my size. They kind of look like they belong in the Bata Shoe Museum haha. It's really cute with the bows. Bought for $4.50, half of $9.

That's all for now. I love hearing bargains that other people have found. Please share in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Collective June/July Makeup Haul 2010

Long time no write. Cutting the crap, here is just a bunch of things that I've bought over the last couple of weeks. School finished and I felt like treating myself to a few things.
Stick around for my next post, which I hopefully will have up soon, of my collective clothing haul.

To start off: the family picture
These items were purchased at Pharma Plus, MAC, Urban Outfitters, Loblaws/Joe

Commencing with nail polishes. If you spotted out earlier, I purchased three even though I seceretly swore after purchasing OPI's Absolutely Alice that I'd take a break. No can do.
Left to write: Urban Outfitters Matte Green 7, Wet n Wild Blazed and Urban Outfitters Sparkle Purple 
Two UO polishes swatched on paper. Sucks that the glitter couldn't be captured on photo. I put on the mint green/blue for the first time today. Takes 3 coats for it to be opaque. A good dupe for China Glaze's For Audrey (which I do not own). Have yet to try the purple. Bought these for $0.99 on sale/clearance, I think they are regularly priced at $6.

This is me wearing the Wet n' Wild colour. 3 coats with Seche Vite top coat. Chips quickly and in chunks. Paid $1.99. A nice summer coral. Debated between getting this or Joe's Coral.

Splurge of the month was my first MAC brush. Wheeeee. This is the MAC 217. I was looking for a blending/crease brush and after doing some research (Makeupalley), I opted for this one. It costs $27.50 plus taxes. It is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Painted clear nail polish over the wording so that the ink wouldn't fade. 
Size comparison to my hand. I have a relatively small hand.
At Loblaws/Joe, a Canadian supermarket, I picked up this body spray on clearance. As seen above, it is in the scent Fresh Lemon. Very rejuvenating and light. Half off of $5.
Also bought my first lip stain. It is the Joe Fresh lipstain in Sheer Pink. Paid $6 plus taxes. Long wearing, natural looking colour. Not drying if apply a lipbalm or gloss on top.

Lastly, my finds at Pharma Plus:
All three of these items were extremely well priced. The two NYC products were $1.50 each! i got their pressed powder and quad. Have yet to try the powder but the quad is very light and wearable, do not expect extreme pigmentation. The covergirl Professional volume mascara I think was on sale for $3.99, but with a coupon, I paid $2.50. I have been hearing great reviews about this, not like I need another mascara though.
You might think that including a deoderant I purchased might be random and weird but I have perfectly good intentions of mentioning this. This is my favourite and basically only deoderant I have ever used. It is the Adidas for women cotton tech yada yada. I almost had a heart attack when i heard they were discontinuing it. People must have been in a rage because they're bringing it back. Yay! It's my favourite because it's very basic and gets the job done. I have no wetness and no smell, other than the fresh scent of the deoderant itself. It also DOES NOT contain aluminum or parabens. I'd say that over 90% of deoderants today contain a high percentage of aluminum, up to in the high 20 percentile. With a little research you'll find that aluminum is potentially cancer causing. Also, have you ever gotten pit stains before? Well, I haven't. And that's because there is no aluminum. Chemistry 101: aluminum is a metal, therefore it oxidizes. The aluminum in your deoderant oxidizes and turns yellow and anything else that touches it, i.e. your clothing. I highly recommend this as it is also affordable, $4 regular price. Haha, I swear I'm not sponsored by Adidas but I truly believe in this product.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Read this and GO NOW!

This is just a quick announcement. Very important that you listen CAREFULLY. It may change your makeup lives, or not.

Did you see last week on the Sephora website of the Stila trio deal of 3 FULL sized eyeshadow for $10 US plus s+h? Including Chloe, Lame and my favourite Kitten?
It sucks that shipping to Canada would be like 7 dollars or more though.

Well, guess what? I was so surprised to see that a couple of days ago at Urban Outfitters, they SOLD the palette there! For only $12 CAD! This is an awesome deal as one shadow by Stila costs $23 CAD. But you get 3 for only $12. It's included in a cute black palette.

So if you were ever contemplating on getting this cult fave shadow, check out your local Urban Outfitters now before it's too late! Unfortunately I can't find a picture of what it looks like online but you'll have to trust me on this and check it out for yourself!

Good luck on finding it!

Coming up will be a mini collective clothing and makeup haul.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Favourites

Hey guys!

Long time no favourites. I'm trying to get on top of things. Not bad, since it's only July 3rd. Happy Belated Canada Day to all Canadians and Happy 4th of July to all Americans!

Here is the collection of favourites from this month:
And the individual pictures close up:
Mac Brill Eyeshadow (Satin finish), Urban Decay Matte Secret Service
I love to wear the first one as a wash, which is unusual because it is a silvery-green colour. But, it turns out great and really opens my eyes. Secret Service i picked up at Winners for only $4.99! It's the perfect matte crease colour, extremely pigmented and has many uses.
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and Elf Contouring blush & bronzing powder
All time favourite top coat, and really the only nail polish that has shown evidence of use. I'm over half way done and very upset because I don't know where else I can find it. Again, I bought it at Winners for $4.99, I heard it retails for a lot more. Anyone know where I can get it in Toronto? Wow. And I just realised that I picked up the ELF compact at Winners too, for $6.99. I've really only tested out the blush, which I really like because of it's light and naturalness. When I don't know what to put on my cheeks, this is my go to blush.
Mac A Rose Romance and Mac Lipglass in Pret a Papier
Both of these I picked up at the Mac warehouse sale. The pink lipstick is my only one really, so I'm glad to have it in my collection. Very wearable and sheer, since it's a Lustre. Smells awesome too. The dark red lipstick I'm surprised I enjoy as much as I do. It comes out to a nice vampy red, and lasts a long time on lips. A little stickier than I usually like, but all in all a great gloss.
Top to bottom: Sample Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin, Mac Brow pencil in Taupe, L'oreal extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner
Sorry for the flash. I've been enjoying this lid primer, more so than the original version which most of you may find surprising. I love the wash of shimmer it gives, I'll need to pick up the full-size soon. The brow pencil is my first official brow product, other than a clear mascara, but it is very subtle, natural and does in fact enhance my eyebrow colour. I feel it's a very versatile colour that could be used on many skin tones if used correctly. The black liner is a very intense colour, more-so than the Urban Decay zero liner and for a  much more affordable price. I would recommend this if you're interested in a new eyeliner. Swatches will be shown below. 
With Flash
Without flash.
Left to right: Mac Brill, UD Secret Service, Mac Brow Pencil, L'oreal liner, UDPP in Sin, Mac A Rose Romance, Mac Pret a Papier, Blush and Bronzer from Elf compact

Thanks for reading!