Saturday, July 24, 2010

Collective June/July Clothing Haul 2010

Here's the second part to my haul: the clothing/shoes portion

One thing I forgot to include were pictures of some new turquoise jewelery pieces I got from my mom. I'm really into turquoise these days, such a beautiful colour.

This was a tank top that I spotted in Winners for $14.99. I love the floral print, it's also really light and comfortable to wear on those hot summer days.

A nice straw hat I found in my mom's closet. 

I almost dropped dead when I found this. I was on the hunt for a feminine romper and I found this one at Winners. It was originally $16.99 but one of the straps were falling off so I got it for $12.99 which is a bargain for such a beautiful piece of clothing. It's so comfy: like wearing PJ's.
A pair of basic high waisted jean shorts from Urban Outfitters. Reduced to $10 from $54.
A purplish-grey skirt also from Urban Outfitters. ALSO reduced to $10 from $54. Love the side detailing.

Basic peachy pink skirt from Zara. Goes to the knees but nice to be pulled up to the waist with a shirt tucked in. $10.

I don't know if I talked my relationship with second hand stores, specifically Goodwill. If you have the patience and know what to look out for, sometimes you can score some really good deals. I went on a day where the whole store was 50%, which was a bonus! This time, I found two items:

This is a BCBG Maxazria black velvet jacket. Fits really nice and it is silk-lined. Something from this line would normally retail over $100. I got it for $2.25, since it was originally $5.49 minus the 50% off. OH another thing I forgot to mention is that there are no taxes at Goodwill!!!

The other thing I purchased were these really unusual pairs of shoes. I don't know the brand but they were brand new and my size. They kind of look like they belong in the Bata Shoe Museum haha. It's really cute with the bows. Bought for $4.50, half of $9.

That's all for now. I love hearing bargains that other people have found. Please share in the comments below!

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