Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Collective June/July Makeup Haul 2010

Long time no write. Cutting the crap, here is just a bunch of things that I've bought over the last couple of weeks. School finished and I felt like treating myself to a few things.
Stick around for my next post, which I hopefully will have up soon, of my collective clothing haul.

To start off: the family picture
These items were purchased at Pharma Plus, MAC, Urban Outfitters, Loblaws/Joe

Commencing with nail polishes. If you spotted out earlier, I purchased three even though I seceretly swore after purchasing OPI's Absolutely Alice that I'd take a break. No can do.
Left to write: Urban Outfitters Matte Green 7, Wet n Wild Blazed and Urban Outfitters Sparkle Purple 
Two UO polishes swatched on paper. Sucks that the glitter couldn't be captured on photo. I put on the mint green/blue for the first time today. Takes 3 coats for it to be opaque. A good dupe for China Glaze's For Audrey (which I do not own). Have yet to try the purple. Bought these for $0.99 on sale/clearance, I think they are regularly priced at $6.

This is me wearing the Wet n' Wild colour. 3 coats with Seche Vite top coat. Chips quickly and in chunks. Paid $1.99. A nice summer coral. Debated between getting this or Joe's Coral.

Splurge of the month was my first MAC brush. Wheeeee. This is the MAC 217. I was looking for a blending/crease brush and after doing some research (Makeupalley), I opted for this one. It costs $27.50 plus taxes. It is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Painted clear nail polish over the wording so that the ink wouldn't fade. 
Size comparison to my hand. I have a relatively small hand.
At Loblaws/Joe, a Canadian supermarket, I picked up this body spray on clearance. As seen above, it is in the scent Fresh Lemon. Very rejuvenating and light. Half off of $5.
Also bought my first lip stain. It is the Joe Fresh lipstain in Sheer Pink. Paid $6 plus taxes. Long wearing, natural looking colour. Not drying if apply a lipbalm or gloss on top.

Lastly, my finds at Pharma Plus:
All three of these items were extremely well priced. The two NYC products were $1.50 each! i got their pressed powder and quad. Have yet to try the powder but the quad is very light and wearable, do not expect extreme pigmentation. The covergirl Professional volume mascara I think was on sale for $3.99, but with a coupon, I paid $2.50. I have been hearing great reviews about this, not like I need another mascara though.
You might think that including a deoderant I purchased might be random and weird but I have perfectly good intentions of mentioning this. This is my favourite and basically only deoderant I have ever used. It is the Adidas for women cotton tech yada yada. I almost had a heart attack when i heard they were discontinuing it. People must have been in a rage because they're bringing it back. Yay! It's my favourite because it's very basic and gets the job done. I have no wetness and no smell, other than the fresh scent of the deoderant itself. It also DOES NOT contain aluminum or parabens. I'd say that over 90% of deoderants today contain a high percentage of aluminum, up to in the high 20 percentile. With a little research you'll find that aluminum is potentially cancer causing. Also, have you ever gotten pit stains before? Well, I haven't. And that's because there is no aluminum. Chemistry 101: aluminum is a metal, therefore it oxidizes. The aluminum in your deoderant oxidizes and turns yellow and anything else that touches it, i.e. your clothing. I highly recommend this as it is also affordable, $4 regular price. Haha, I swear I'm not sponsored by Adidas but I truly believe in this product.

Thanks for hearing me out!

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