Thursday, July 8, 2010

Read this and GO NOW!

This is just a quick announcement. Very important that you listen CAREFULLY. It may change your makeup lives, or not.

Did you see last week on the Sephora website of the Stila trio deal of 3 FULL sized eyeshadow for $10 US plus s+h? Including Chloe, Lame and my favourite Kitten?
It sucks that shipping to Canada would be like 7 dollars or more though.

Well, guess what? I was so surprised to see that a couple of days ago at Urban Outfitters, they SOLD the palette there! For only $12 CAD! This is an awesome deal as one shadow by Stila costs $23 CAD. But you get 3 for only $12. It's included in a cute black palette.

So if you were ever contemplating on getting this cult fave shadow, check out your local Urban Outfitters now before it's too late! Unfortunately I can't find a picture of what it looks like online but you'll have to trust me on this and check it out for yourself!

Good luck on finding it!

Coming up will be a mini collective clothing and makeup haul.

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  1. where is the Urban Outfitters you went to ?