Sunday, August 1, 2010

Likables July 2010 ft. Lion of Ido, Inception

This will just be a collection of things that have interested me non-makeup wise through out the month of July.
 Mostly pop culture and music.

I've found this amazing band that I love and am obsessed with. They're called Lion of Ido and are based in New York City. Every single song out of their EP album is amazing and catchy and just overall makes me feel happy. I feel that I've found a great discovery and am excited for any new music they come out with. What's even better is that on their website, they've provided their EP album for free download! Don't worry it's legit. If you're interested, try it! It won't hurt because it's free. Here's the link. 
Then click on the left hand icon to download! Probably my all time favourite song of theirs is Day by Day.

Also, in terms of movies, I watched Inception and Salt recently. They were both great movies int heir own ways. I'll definitely have to watch Inception again some time because it at times got pretty confusing.
However, is it just me or does Joseph Gordon-Levitt look asian or at least partly asian. The instant I saw him on the big screen I recognized him from a movie made like 10 years ago. Does "10 things I hate about you" ring any bells? Starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles.
I'll let you decide for yourself. But I think we can all agree he's pretty darn good looking.

Can't believe summer's half-over.

Mac Help Please?

I have a question that I need to be solved by other makeup officianados in the world wide web.
Recently I bought the Quo Bronzer Brush, otherwise known as a dupe for the Mac 187 Brush.
Here's a picture above.
I've used it now and washed it. Oh yeah, and I paid around $13 + tax for it. Regularly $22 but 40% off. It is made in China.

When I used it for my liquid foundation I thought it was pretty good. It gave me more natural coverage than if I were to use my fingers but it shed a few hairs on my face which was annoying. But more or less what I expected. Also, after I washed it, it had that dreaded dead animal smell. Is seemed to also be too sparse and big, I would prefer a more closely held and concentrated brush.
I bought this in hopes of it being a good alternative to the $50 Mac 187.

So here's where your thoughts come in. Should I keep this Quo brush and make do with it, even though I'm not completely satisfied and that the Mac won't be much different? Or should I save up and/or wait for a sale (Mac Friends and Family Sale?) to buy the Mac 187 because it will be better and last longer?

Any help/advice much appreciated.Thanks!