Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Is In The Air

Lately I've been getting extremely confused about all these different types of "favourite" posts. There are (coming off the top of my head) Monthly Favourites, In n Outs, Current Obsessions, Products I can't live without, etc.
It gets kind of overwhelming after a while.

This may become one of those posts but it will also be different as everything I talk about will have some connection to the current weather: warm, breezy summer.

Since it is not completely summer yet, I still have a chance to wear my Pure by Alfred Sung military-type picture. This is line, similar to the designer lines at Target, but for Canada available at Zellers. A more affordable, yet chic rendition of popular clothing designers. It's comfy, stylish and well-fitting.

Another thing I've been obsessing over, as my friends will well know, is attempting to darken my legs. They really look like vampish ghosts in comparison to my face and rest of my body. So, lately, I've been wearing many shorts and capris to give my legs some time with the sun. (Of course, I'll also be stylishly sporting SPF 55, my favourite is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer's, my dermatologist recommended it and it's oil-free!)

Which leads me to next item, my Cole Haan Sunglasses. The style is slightly similar to the popular Ray Ban Wayfarer's, with it's square frame and translucent tortoise shell colour. This are my first well-made designer glasses and I must admit, they feel very well made. I'm not sure of the style name, but on the rims it has the code C707 21 55 16-140. Since, it's been so sunny lately, sunglasses are a must. I purchases these at my local beloved Winners', which in the USA, is similar to TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Lately, Winners' have been sporting more and more designer goods for reduced prices, they even have a Runway line which makes me giddy just thinking about it. It is my ultimate fantasy: high-end clothes, shoes, bags and makeup for a fraction of the price!

This will lead me to my next shopping trip I soon get to have. I "need" to go to Winners soon to pick up some new shorts or capris. And who knows what else I'll find as well?

Before I end, I want to try adding a youtube link of some of one of my favourite videos on youtube (non-beauty related). Cross fingers this works:


  1. Good post! I especially liked the Flaws and All post. It was inspirational for me, as a normal-looking girl! Keep blogging!