Friday, April 9, 2010

March Favourites

Last month (March) I bought a couple new products to try out and I also opened some of my backup stuff as I was running out of some necessities.
March was a hell-month, so many assignments due. Which is funny, since almost half-of it was March Break, Long Weekends and PA days.

Back to the point. Gosh I'm so bad at staying on track.

My first favourite is the Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder. What a mouth full! My colour is in Buff Beige. I've almost run out of my Shiseido powder which I really like because of its soft and dewy finish, but I can buy a new one because it has been discontinued. Sucks, I know.

Next is this asian-brand blush by Fasio in the colour Orange Berry 250. It is infact orange but surprisingly it suits my skin-tone without looking crazy. This following picture is not the right picture, but it's the same line of blushes.

Every time I wear this next product, my friend tends to notice and comments that "I'm glowing". Hopefully, she meant in a natural way because I love what Benefit's High Beam does to my skin. The bottle looks like a nail polish and only the littlest amount is needed to create a radiant effect.

It's strange but never in my life have I used a mascara until it was "running" out. But, it finally happened with Rimmel's Sexy Curves and let me assure you that I was surprised and sad to see it dying :(. In mascaras, I look for volume rather than length and this mascara did it well with an added bonus of no flaking what so ever! I'm not in a hurry to buy another one though until I've finished and tried the other half a dozen in my collection.

Last of all, (I'm not going to say last but not least, I never understood that saying :/) is the Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume. I only have a sample but it just smells divine! I don't have a huge perfume or fragance collection but this would be one of the next added to my list! It's a floral sweet scent.

That's all for last month's favourites. I'll try to remember to do this each month.
I'm hoping that one of my next posts will be a picture or video, if possible, of my makeup collection. These are one my favourite things to see or read about on Youtube and Blogger.

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