Saturday, June 5, 2010

MIA + Mac Warehouse!

Remember me? I know, right? I think it's been over a good two weeks.
I have a lame "excuse". School. Stupid school.
Anyway, all my culminating and papers are for the most part, over and done with. Next is finals! Yippee!

But. . .I've got some pretty exciting news! My friend, "thank you", hooked me up with Mac Warehouse Tickets! Unfortunately, she was unable to go so I gave one of my besties the other ticket and we're going tomorrow. I hope we'll score some good deals there.
Haul will be coming up shortly.
Specifically, I'm going to be looking for brushes, any veluxe pearl eyeshadows (favourite finish!), grand entrance eyeshadow, a pink lipstick (similar to Viva Glam Gaga), the Skin Refined Zone pore minimizer, MSF Natural, Face + Body Foundation, and a Clinique Eye makeup remover.


  1. im excited for you !!!
    i wanted the skin refined zone pore minimizer but i didnt find it :(
    apparently they had the mattifying tube thing for $10 =O im gonna try to find that ! my oily face needs it lol
    i wish they had foundation brush or stippling.

  2. hey lynda,
    i just came back. took me less than an hour to shop and leave.
    so, the free gift was a creme blush, really pretty !
    charity bag... the eyeshadow and one of the lipglass were the only different things. the other 3 items were the same as yesterday. there may be some people that got one lipstick either very early yesterday morning, so im not sure if they're going to put the lipstick one in again. so i cant tell you much about that part of the sale.
    a lot of the blushes/msfs and $3 section were sold out. petticoat MSF and perfect topping msf are sold out (if u were looking for that).
    hope that helps...

    i know i have no clue how to reply to comments other than going to that person's blog and comment in their recent post or comment below that comment they made... blogger is kind of confusing like that !

    ps - thanks for liking to read my blog. it's so awesome to find another torontorian (is that a word?) blogger :)

  3. LOL. it will never stop for addicts like us. if you go through my May archive, you'll see that i went to the mac in the beginning of the month and to the beach collection then mac sale...and now there's a part 2 of the mac sale. its horrible !!! now that i think about it, it's going to hurt when i see the bill lol.

    part 2 is up now :)

  4. hey linda, so i found out an exciting thing. apparently, sunday sale has something on top of it. there might be like more buy one get one free, im not sure on what, it could be on eyeshadows. there might be more newer items that weren't put out for Friday and Saturday sale. so you might be seeing things that friday and saturday people didn't see ! i was surprised, im jealous now LOL