Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Discovery and Haul

For anyone that knows me, they'd say that I am obsessed with makeup.
But I have another weakness almost parallel to that of makeup. You've probably all guessed it by now: designer anything. Yes, I know, I'm such a materialistic, superficial person, but what can I do?

So the other day, I was just rummaging (again) through my mom's closet and lo and behold: goodies! I found 4 silk scarves. My mom doesn't wear them anymore so she said it was okay I could take them. There were much more, but most of them were new so I didn't want to touch them.  
My mom also has a cult-fave Hermes scarf which is gorgeous, but I don't think she'd let me wear it. I don't think I'd even let myself wear it. It's better and safer in its pretty little box. Here are the four I picked out for myself:

This is my favourite out of the four because I love the pattern and the long, rectangular shape of it.

Also, by YSL, is another, thicker material silk scarf. Probably more appropriate for winter.

A Chanel square scarf, my least favourite out of the four because the colours are very bright!

Lastly, a really classic Chanel Silk Scarf. love the rich navy blue colour and gold chain detailing. 

Originally, I was going to end my post with that but since I did a little shopping yesterday at Vaughan Mills, I'm just going to tag it to this post. 
Oh, but wait! Here are the pictures of the gladiator sandals that I mentioned in my last post.
Haha, the pattern of the shoe's beading is kind of similar to the carpet.

So, anyways, yesterday I went to Vaughan Mills specifically for the Holt Renfrew Last Call Semi-Annual Sale. Wow, that was a mouthful, or a wordful in this case??? There wasn't that much stuff that interested me but I did manage to find two items. I also stopped by Lululemon, a really great athletic/yoga store, and picked up a pair of capris on sale.
Unfortunately, I don't know the style name but I paid $30 + taxes, I think originally $54.

At Holt's, once I entered the store, I saw these shoes. I found them so interesting and unique looking and after I discovered how much they were, I had to grab them. They're by the brand United Nude (haha) and originally was $150. Guess how much I got them for? Six dollars! No biggie. These shoes are definitely odd and made out of this weird rubber, also a little big as you can tell, but for $6, it doesn't matter. (Deal of the Day #1)

The last item I picked up, I was so shocked to see at such a low price. I've never seen any store carrying this brand on sale for so little. And when I mean little, I mean less than a no-name brand. Rock&Republic black skinny jeans, with a unique fish scale print and zippers on the side. Originally $345. Bought for $28. What did she say????? That's right. I'm so excited to wear them!
Here's a picture of the price tag if you don't believe me. It was 80% off the lowest ticked price. (Deal of the Day #2).

Overall, it was a very satisfactory shopping day. It was like Christmas! Hope you enjoyed!

Oh, and question. What are the different ways to wear square scarves. Now that I've acquired two more, I want some variation. So if you guys have any ideas let me know.


  1. i like the first YSL scarf!and actually those shoes are quite mod-looking. good deal for $6!

  2. wow those shoes are indeed unique! pretty cool!