Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raid your mama's (papa's) closet!

Today I was feeling bored, even though I needed to do a lot of studying, so I decided to semi-raid my mom's closet. Note how I said semi-raid, I have at least 2/3 more to go through to make a complete raid.

I was really surprised at some of the pieces I found and it was interesting how these fashions that dated back to around the 80s are now "in" again today. I had a flash back to a couple years ago where my mom would pull out pieces that she no longer wore and I'd always exclaim, "did you really wear that? those shoulder puffs!"
Nowadays, style icons such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna are wearing shoulder pads that normally would be fit for a football player. (sorry for poor descriptions)

I don't have a camera with me at the moment to take a picture of the pieces I found but they can be described as a cropped light washed jean jacket by Calvin Klein, a yellow jacket with black detailing and embroidery and shoulder pads and a mustard-yellow/beige light blazer. Items like this can now be found all over the runway by Marcella Priani.

Now, I will attempt to find pictures of similar clothing to give you guys a visual idea of what I'm talking about.

But of course not as dramatic

Almost identical to the one I have

Sorry, can't find any pictures similar to the yellow jacket!

Now all I have to say is: go raid your mama (papa's) closet to find some great pieces!

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